Light-- NOT Food, NOT Exercise-- Is The Most Important Aspect For Your Health

If your trainer, nutritionist, supplement maker tells you differently then they are selling you a half truth........And probably don't even know the lie they have been sold and are selling!

Are your curious about Light? 


Understand how sunlight is the only irreplaceable 'food'

The sun has taken a bad rap at the hands of pharmaceutical industry, doctors, trainers, sunscreen/sunglasses makers. Time for the truth. 

Understand how fake artificial blue light is one of human kind's worst enemies for our health.

Starting with the devastation for the eye to our hormones to our gut health to our skin......there is nothing artificial light will not leach it's teeth into when it comes to our biology. 

Find out if the 34-Day Light Challenge is the last 'Transformation Challenge' you will ever need! 

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